What you can expect when visiting me


What I expect to receive in your opening email:

  • The date and duration you would like to meet
  • Your level of experience in the service you desire
  • Whether you want to meet in the dungeon or hotel
  • Any medical problems

I expect when we meet that you: 

Arrive on time

Have the agreed amount of cash ready for me, ideally in an envelope 

Ensure a certain level of hygiene before seeing me, including your anus, if you are seeing me for anal play


 1 hour 250

2 hours 400

3 hours 550

To make a booking click here

You can take some of mistress home with you. I sell my worn knickers, you have the option of full briefs or thongs with a picture of m

How to make Mistress happy

I love receiving gifts! It’s a great way to serve your mistress and show appreciation

Please send vouchers to

Amazon Wish List 

Alternatively a gift voucher from to any of the following stores:



Harvey Nichols 

John Lewis 

Questions & Answers

Why don’t you show your face?

Coming from the Middle East my privacy is of utmost importance. 

Do you sell custom clips?

No- to reiterate the first point on privacy 

What are your favourite kinks?

I enjoy the Sub/Dom power dynamic and everything on my likes list I take pleasure in. I will say I am not a hardcore sadist. If this is your biggest turn on, I would look for a different Dom who is more that way inclined

Do you accept gifts?

I do indeed! 

Can you come to my home?

Meetings are to be strictly held in a hotel or dungeon. 

Can you stay the night with me?

No, but longer bookings can be considered on an individual basis

Do you speak Arabic?

My Arabic verbal skills are moderate and my accent is a hybrid between the Egyptian and Palestinian dialect. English is my native language so conducting a full session in Arabic is unrealistic 

Why do you need a deposit?

It is common practice in this industry to get a deposit to weed out the time wasters and get a commitment from you. If for whatever reason you need to cancel I require a 48-hour notice period in order to refund your deposit. 

What are your hard limits?

Foot fetish, knife play, nudity, playing without a safe word, vomit,  extreme torture or anything ilegal

What if I want a service that is neither on your specialties or hard limits list?

If you have any requests that are not listed I’m happy for you to drop an email to discuss, I may decide that it’s not within my realm of knowledge or I just won’t enjoy it. In which case I won’t do it.