I am not an extreme sadist. In part because I do not enjoy seeing blood, it gets messy and unpleasant to clean up. Nonetheless I still enjoy a good ol corporal punishment session from time to time. I love the mind-control aspect of these sessions. From strapping in my helpless poor slave, to watching their bottom getting progressively more and more red with excitement. I like to tease and caress my slave in between punishing them, keeping them guessing what will happen next, and with what force I might strike. I have an array of toys, from floggers, crops, canes and paddles. Always starting with a warm up prior to get the bottom nice and ready for punishment. I always do the best of 6 with each one of my toys, unless I decide for whatever reason that my slave deserves extra punishment. I command that any slave that has the honour of being strapped to my bench counts and thanks me after each stroke. Manners are still important after all.