I met a new slave at 7pm straight after he finishes a long gruelling day at the office, leaving all responsibility behind him, as he enters my world. A world where I am in full control of him. A world where he becomes my little ass-worshipping bitch. He meets me at the hotel reception as I requested. He told me how excited he was to see me after purchasing my knickers the previous week. He goes on to explain how he wore them over his face every night since receiving them taking in my scent as he tugs on his pathetic little member. He was clearly a little muffled and nervous, obviously not used to a young attractive woman making eye contact with him let alone talking to him. Anyway I digress. We entered the hotel room. I notice he is starting to look anxious after seeing the cuffs laid out on the bed. I see a trickle of sweat run down his face, poor guy I think to myself. I almost feel sorry for him. I do what I often do in these situations and order him to remove his clothes and get on his back. I tie him up to the bed so he doesn’t wither around too much. I then stand on top of him, lifting up my skirt to expose my beautifully toned, round bottom. I look down at his face. He looks a little scared, yet he is rock hard. I lower myself onto his face slowly so he can enjoy the view right before I smother him. I hear him take in a deep breath right before my arse hits his nose. I rub myself all over his face, smothering him. After some time riding his face I can hear the little worm trying to say something so I allow him to speak. He says in a stifled tone, ‘mistress please can I play with myself?’. I generously agree, not long after he explodes all over his stomach. I ordered him to shower. ‘You don’t want your wife smelling my juices on your face now do you?’ I said to him, Looking embarrassed yet satisfied he took my orders and withered away to the bathroom.